No Religion for kids 

  1. So religion? The false spiritual system that has our people worshipping an outer being/force. Eye feel like this has plagued us many many too many years! Eye want to start off with this bible verse “2 Corinthians  13:5  do u not know yourself the jesus christ is in you”. So powerful Ase, YOU ARE CHRIST RESONANCE, see Eye’m not a christian or anything Eye am Islam I self law am master! So eye analyse and take what is good out of anything that Eye read. Eye use the christian doctrine “Bible” to help uplift my people who jus seem not to get it when an occultist says the christ energy is no physical being but universal energy we can all manifest and use to our advantage during this physical(matrix) existence. Eye now will speak on (child involuntarily church persuasion) this is making your children attend church when they have no business there in the 1st place a child mind is so precious yet vulnerable to any authoritve figure. Eye personally do not like seeing children in Church because it’s mind control.Eye think it should be law that they cant convert or bring children to church unless special conditions such as Wedding & funerals and even that im iffy about lol. Eye say make it law only because children do not develop there personalities until 7years of age when the basic chakras are forming & the top of their head (the crown) becomes hard, any child younger than the age 7 are really susceptible to biased negative religious mind programming . These religions jam all sort of biased fearful opinions inside the minds of the young creating such horrid representation of symbols they have no real knowledge of thus, creating a blockage in the infinite knowledge they are suppose to be seeking here! and the blockage? (Fear of symbols they have no real knowledge of other than the biased BULLSHIT they have already been TAUGHT).The welcoming age of church should be 13 when a child is already a teenager able to evaluate and overstand what is good & bad, and lets not forget fend for self we all seen what these catholic and christian churches do behind closed doors with our children. save that topic for later. Remember this learning from adults is apart of a child learning process and no harm is done aslong as the programming is positive in nature unfortunately, much of the time the exact opposite is true.spirituality this is a part of a natural learning system process and no harm is done . Unfortunately we have religion which is the opposite and harm IS DONE  I conclude my thought for today infinite peace moors ☥🇲🇦 ISLAM  have a great night ☤☯🌌♍ 

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